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Welcome to MR01001101 resources

I am Monty or mr01001101 and I welcome you to my site. Here you find some essays on various Cryptography and Steganography topics, plus some fun challenges, some Javascript and some C codes for you. Everything is free for you to use in any way you think appropriate (at your own responsibility).

Something not here that you think should be? Please let me know and I will try my hardest to add it. Hope you have some fun and all feedback is gratefully received.

Notes and essays

To get you started why not take a look through some of my essays:

Plus an essay an 'original' way of hiding information (original in the sense I can't find anything about it on the web) which I thought of in the bath - a kind of Eureka moment:

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NEW! 08/05/2005

KRONOS(i): A set of challenges that guide you through the world of cryptography from 1900bc to 1553.

Below are two links to challenges, the first are quite simple and require pure cryptography and steganography skills, whereas A-Command draws on a few other areas, which I hope you will enjoy. In A-Command you assume the role of Captain of Cryptography and Steganography which is about to get tough so why not give it a go?

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BINmap is a small program written by me to hide files in BMP pictures by adjusting the LSB (least significant bit) and comes with instructions and all source files.

Plus, it is soon to have a new skin with a friend of mine writing a GUI (much appreciated BTW). As with everything on my site, use anything free of charge and pass it around as much as you can, but if you improve something please let me know for my own interest.

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